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Helping Tubahumurize organization

TUBAHUMURIZE is an organization with the mission to empower socially and economically marginalized women living in Rwanda. Most are survivors of gender-based violence and opression, and many are living with HIV/AIDS.


This centre mainly supports victims of domestic violence and HIV. There are 2 sections: one for schoolgirls and one for adult women and they are divided into 8 subgroups, mainly in Kigali. In total 325 women are


To Members of Africa International Club: A THANK YOU!


Tubahumurize wishes to thank you very much for your help. The grant we received has made it possible to buy 10 new sewing machines for our sewing school and cooperative. Before receiving the grant, we had sewing machines of poor quality, that required a lot of maintenance and the work was frequently delayed. Now all the women of the cooperative have their own sewing machine and the sewing school has a sufficient amount to share, when they are working with quilting and embroidery etc.


Your support makes us very happy. Thank you so much for your help.

May God bless you.

Jeanne Mwiliriza
Director of Tubahumurize Association

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