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The major sponsors of AIC Rwanda are its members who gave generously of their time and money to raise funds to support local grass roots, social and economic development projects throughout Rwanda.


We are also exceedingly grateful to our sponsors in the past for their dedication, year after year, to our big fundraisers (the Food Fair and the Christmas Bazaar) and to Question Coffee for their ongoing sponsoring of our monthly Coffee Mornings!  In return, we encourage our members and other friends to support our sponsors' businesses in the community. 


Up until 2022, AIC Rwanda was a voluntary organisation with no paid staff or expensive overheads. The money we raised at events was solely directed to our Small Grants Fund that was administered by our Small Grants Fund Committee. With the generous support of our sponsors we were able to fund an array of local projects each year. 


We were also fortunate to have wonderful support from Embassies, restaurants and businesses, whose generosity of spirit was greatly appreciated.  We are proud to acknowledge the special relationships that were formed and the patronage of those who supported our cause; namely for small development projects in Rwanda.